Dushanbe Serena Hotel - Hermitage Group

Dushanbe Serena Hotel

Tajikistan , Dushanbe

Dushanbe Serena Hotel exudes the vibrant culture, cuisine and character of its surroundings while maintaining the sophistication expected of a leading hotel of the world. Dushanbe Serena Hotel was conceived from a desire to create a stunning destination exceeding the expectations of today’s discerning travellers. With a sleek, glass façade featuring decorative Suzani floral patterns, Tajik artistic traditions merge seamlessly with contemporary style. Stepping through the hotel entrance is reminiscent of arriving at the medieval caravanserai – a stopover for travellers on the ancient Silk Road. The interiors are a rich testimony to local craftsmanship, materials and techniques, showcasing Ganj, Ikat and Abr textile patterns, opulent woodcarvings, floral wall paintings, glazed ceramics and regional works of art. Outside, the hotel is surrounded by 1.2 hectares of lush green gardens, creating a sensory connection to Tajikistan’s natural beauty.