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Khorog Serena Inn

Tajikistan , Khorog

Stunningly peaceful surroundings, breathtaking views of the Panj River and the Pamir Mountains and the warmth and cosiness of an elegant Pamiri home set Khorog Serena Inn among the most unique and inviting hotels in Tajikistan.   Each of our six traditionally styled rooms and suites offers a comfortable mountain sanctuary, inviting guests to experience an unparalleled sense of serenity and calm. All accommodations feature river views and locally inspired design elements like stone pillars and wooden ceilings fill the space with rustic elegance. Modern comforts such as complimentary Internet, flat-screen televisions with cable and satellite channels, soft robes and 24-hour room service enhance the entire guest experience.   Designed in the manner of a traditional Pamiri home, Khorog Serena Hotel offers an elegant and charming gateway to the breathtaking mountainous landscape of central Tajikistan. Our location, overlooking the Panj River, which divides Afghanistan from Tajikistan, offers adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts a limitless array of experiences, from mountain hikes and walks to mountaineering, horseback riding and fishing.