Cases - Hermitage Group



  • B2B Booking System of a large hotel chain: The collaboration with Hermitage Group allowed to increase the performance of the important hotel B2B booking system in 2019 by 37,4% in comparison to 2018: from 789.405€ in bookings from the covered market to 1.084.570 € bringing a growth of 295.165 €. The investment for the yearly promotion spent by the Client was 12.000 €, thus, the benefit obtained by Hermitage Group was nearly 25 times more than the budget spent for promotion.
  • Luxury LHW property in Ibiza: Increased its net room benefit in 2019 by 28% from the covered markets just in 3 summer months compared to the previous year.
  • Emblematic 5* Hotel in Barcelona: Increased its performance in the covered market from 200.000 € at the beginning of our collaboration to 500.000 € after the first year, to 900.000 € after the second year, and to 1.500.000 € during the third year of our work.
  • 5* Hotel in Indonesia belonging to the renowned international hotel chain:  During the first year of its contract with Hermitage Group the hotel significantly increased the number of the guests from the covered markets.
  • Renowned Hotel chain in the Caribbean region: The collaboration with Hermitage Group allowed the property to increase its income each year by 40% compared to the previous year. 
  • A row of publications in top-level editions (Elle, Snob, Robb Report, Moda Topical, Voyage, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar) on a barter basis
  • Integration into award-ceremonies with celebrities for a hotel chain in the Maldives in 2021: increase of brand awareness among stars and several stays at the properties
  • Promotional campaigns in the most popular radio stations in Russia with a reach > 7 mln listeners per day for a hotel chain in the Maldives in 2021
  • Promotional campaigns in KARO CINEMA throughout Russia (more than 100 branches) for JTB in 2019: 1209480 views
  • A digital campaign with B2C/B2B touristic platforms (Ostrovok, Biletix, Sletat, Turbina, Moya-Planeta, Tonkosti, Kto-Chto-Gde) for JTB with ROASx13,85
  • Promotional campaign at B2B professional platforms for a hotel chain in the Maldives 2020-2022: CTR 3,5% + bookings have exceeded the cost for promotion by 4 times
  • A row of webinars in B2B platforms for a renowned hotel chain: >480 participants