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PUBLICATIONS ABOUT HG CLIENTS (printed and digital magazines, flight magazines, top TTOO sources)

Magazine Company. Villa Resorts. August 2023
TO Maldiviana webpage. Sustainability at Villa Resorts. 2023
ОК Magazine. Villa Resorts. 2023
Moda Topical Magazine. Villa Resorts Rebranding. 2023
Snob Magazine. Villa Resorts. 2023
MICE&More Magazine. Villa Nautica Resort 5*. June 2023
White Sposa Magazine. Villa Park Resort 5*. Spring 2023
White Sposa Magazine. Villa Nautica Resort 5*. Spring 2023
Hermitage Representation Magazine. March 2023
Hermitage Representation Magazine. Autumn 2022
Mice & more. Villa Hotels. June 2022
In-flight magazine of a/c Russia. Paradise Island. Sep 2022
White Sposa. Sun Island Resort & Spa, Paradise Island Resort & Spa. 2022
In-flight magazine a/c Russia. Villa Hotels. 2022
Hermitage Representation Magazine. Summer 2022
Mice & more. Visit Jordan. 2022
Caribbean News. Vicente Caseiro, new Commander of the Order of the Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago). 2022
Moda topical. ME Barcelona. 2022
Moda topical. Sun Island Resort & Spa. 2022
Travel Time Magazine. Paradise Island Resort & Spa. 2022
Travel time. Royal Island Resort & Spa. 2022
High Flight Magazine. Melia Bali. Summer 2022
MICE & more Magazine. Jordan. March 2022
Hermitage Representation Magazine. Spring 2022
Hermitage Representation Magazine. Winter 2022
Robb Report. Villa Hotels&Resorts. 2021
Hermitage Representation Magazine. Autumn 2021
High Flight. Villa Hotels & Resorts. 2021
ELLE. Villa Hotels & Resorts. 2021
Snob Media. Villa Hotels & Resorts. 2021
Hermitage Representation Magazine. Summer 2021
High Flight. Villa Hotels & Resorts. 2021 Melia Zanzibar. 2020
Fostylen. Melia Zanzibar. 2020
Hermitage Representation Magazine. Autumn 2020 Closing the season. Ombria Resort. 2020
Pestovo Golf. Closing of the season. Ombria Resort. 2020
Employees of the Spanish Embassy visited the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. 2020
Obozrevatel. Meliã Budva Petrovac. 2020
Hermitage Representation Magazine. Summer 2020
Inout Travel. Interview by Vicente Caseiro, CEO of Hermitage Group
Vip Style Magazine. Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel. 2020
Hermitage Group Times
Rflight. Gran Melia Rome. 2020
Living Environment. Unusual Hotels of the World Project. ME Sitges Terramar. 2020
High Flight. Hotel d'Angleterre. 2020
RFlight. Me Sitges. 2020
Aeroflot Premium. Gran Melia Rome. 2020
Tour Press Club. Torremolinos, Abama Hotel. 2020
SLO. Jordan. 2020
S7. Jordan. 2020
ELLE. Jordan. 2020
S7. ME Ibiza. 2019
Chance for Traveller. ME Milan. 2019
ELLE. Hotel d'Angleterre. 2019
World of Tourism (Ukraine). Jordan. 2019
Cosmopolitan. Jordan. 2020
Aeroflot. Melia Sitges. 2018
S7. Gran Melia de Mar. 2018
Tourism and Culture Industry. Castilla La Mancha, Spain. 2018