Sales and marketing - Hermitage Group

Sales and marketing

  • Promotion of hotels, tourist destinations.
  • Conducting marketing research of the tourist market and consumer preferences.
  • Recommendations on the brand positioning and tourism product development.
  • Maintaining regular relationships and developing joint strategies with the most important players in the travel business – tour operators, as well as organizing joint presentations and events, roadshows and workshops that they organize for the sales managers.
  • Individual presentations in the offices of travel agencies for senior management and sales department.
  • We provide call center services for travel professionals.
  • We maintain direct contacts with more than 100 travel agencies specializing in the organization of business trips for large corporations, conferences, celebrations, presentations of cars, etc.we have direct contacts with large Russian holdings, banks, pharmaceutical and insurance companies.
  • We carry out direct booking for the groups in hotels.
  • We represent our clients in professional associations and unions.